Total control, excellent filling


The welding of pieces spaced at a distance has never been so quick and easy! For a long time, TIG welding was the only method used, with considerable processing times, the need for expert operators and for particular welding supports. ROOT-MIG now offers an alternative solution to the first pass in TIG, improving performance quite considerably. Easy welding control, faster processing and high quality combine to achieve a level of productivity that is double that of TIG, whilst drastically cutting operating costs.

  • Easier welding of spaced couplings
  • Less power required compared to the short arc
  • Easier operations compared to the TIG
  • Double operating speed compared to the TIG
  • No ceramic support required
  • Decreased deformation of material
  • Reduced operating costs


The characteristic waveform of the ROOT-MIG infers less transfer of power compared to the traditional short arc, making it much easier to fill the gaps between pieces and creating a faultless seam at the base of the coupling.


A first pass with endless advantages
The result is very clear between the first pass in TIG and the first pass in ROOT MIG: double the productivity with comparable quality. Endless advantages: half the processing times, no preparation of pieces with ceramic supports, easy welding typical of the MIG-MAG process.


Greater control of the weld pool for lower thermal transfer of the ROOT-MIG (Q1) compared to SHORT ARC (Q2)