High penetration at great speed

DEEP-MIG provides all the solutions for the welding of thick pieces that the short-arc is unable to match: minimum passes to achieve the desired result.
A 30% faster operating speed, welding in all positions without forsaking quality, and easier operations are just some of the evident advantages. DEEP-MIG has achieved important results, higher productivity with a marked decrease in costs.

  • Greater penetration of the weld
  • +30% faster operating speed compared to the short arc
  • Ultimate stability and concentration of the arc
  • High stick-outs (throats difficult to access)
  • Less preparation of the pieces
  • Fewer passes required to complete the weld


The high arc pressure generates up to 30% faster welding compared to the traditional short-arc with reduced material, wire and gas consumptions. The constant monitoring of the arc excludes incomplete penetrations and hurling of material whilst guaranteeing a consistent weld regardless of the position of the welder or the distance between the torch and the piece to be welded. The result is total control and easy joint welding operations.

Easy operations in all positions, even in the presence of throats that are difficult to access.

Fewer passes, greater savings
The concentrated arc and consequent high penetration are a special feature of the DEEP-MIG, the result being a decrease in the number of passes required whilst guaranteeing the quality of the welding operation. The advantage is clear to see: decreased preparation and coupling times, savings in materials, no re-processing required and an end result free from welding defects.