Easy welding with excellent results

The PULSE technology has been developed to respond to the need to improve productivity and quality of welds compared to the traditional spray arc and short arc MIG processes. PULSE makes it possible to achieve metallurgical and aesthetic results comparable to those provided by TIG, on aluminium, stainless steel and other steels with less deflection, excellent cleaning and structural solidity. The PULSE technology Made in Telwin is characterised by specific forms of waves for each material generating top standard performances combined with remarkable easy application.

  • Less splashing compared to the short arc
  • Excellent results on steel, stainless steel and aluminium
  • Welding in all positions
  • Decrease in processing
  • High speed/easier operations compared to the TIG
  • Excellent aesthetics, ideal for visible welding seams


Minimun reprocessing

The lack of splashes and easy welding thanks to the excellent control of the weld pool leads to an increase in productivity and decrease in costly reprocessing..


Welding in all positions

The possibility of operating at reduced currents whilst maintaining a high quality level of the welding, thanks to the viscosity of the weld pool, ensures excellent results in all positions, making work much easier for welders.

Graphics optimised according to the metallurgical characteristics of the materials.