AEG Orbital Sander EXE 460

Orbital Sander EXE 460

Manufacturer: AEG

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AEG Orbital Sander EXE 460


-Industrial with 6 holes (3M)
-Tuning for sanding and polishing
-ABS system auto braking
-Dust suction hose adapter
-The fastening paper Velcro system
-Unique AEG exchange sun system
-Plastic carrying case

Standard accessories:

1. Sanding paper
2. Dust collection bag

woodworking machines, power tools

Technical Specification:

ModelEXE 460
Power consumption 460 W
Speed rpm 4000-3500
Frequency8000-11000o rev / min
Grinding wheel diameter125mm
Sanding paper size125mm
Radius vibrations7mm
Net weight2.4 kg