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  • Electromagnetic spring-applied failsafe brake
  • Heavy duty high efficiency ball bearing on all running surfaces
  • Planetary gears for maximum mechanical efficiency
  • Enclosed drum flange to prevent rope becoming trapped between drum and support castings
  • Cast steel foot mountings
  • Fabricated steel drum
  • Supplied on steel base plate ready to mount
  • Quiet running
  • Emergency stop function switch is available upon request
  • Low voltage control ass’y is available upon request

Standard Accessories
  • Wire rope 9mm × 60m
  • Weight hook CHW-0005
  • Remote control, CPB-213
    • Switch cord 3.5mm2 × 5C × 3m
    • Pendant switch CPB-213
  • Base plate

Optional Accessories
  • Remote control, PB-331
    • Switch cord 3.5mm2 × 5C × 3m
    • Pendant switch PB-331 with an emergency stop button
  • Low voltage control ass’y LV-320
    • Remote control, PB-306
      • Switch cord 1.25mm2 × 3C × 3m
      • Pendant switch PB-306 with an emergency stop button
    • Low voltage control, LV-320
Model CWG-10151
Lifting capacity 400kg at wire rope top layer
Lifting speed 12-18m/min
Power source 1phase, 220-240V
Motor rating IP44 1.5kW × 4poles induction brake motor
Gear ratio 57:1
Maximum lifting height 58m
Braking methods Electromagnetic
Wire rope 9mm × 60m
Drum length 240mm
Drum diameter 140mm
Drum flange dia 280mm
Mounting bolts pattern 400 × 325mm
Net weight 120kg
Gross weight 148kg
Body dimension (L × D × H) 938 × 367 × 425mm
Box dimension (L × D × H) 1090 × 470 × 590mm
Above performance ratings are based on 50Hz supply. (60Hz motor available as option resulting in a reduction of lifting capacities by 20% and a speed increase of 20%
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