EINHELL Tile Cutting Machine TC-TC 618


Tile Cutting Machine TC-TC 618

Manufacturer: EINHELL

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EINHELL Tile Cutting Machine TC-TC 618
EINHELL Tile Cutting Machine TC-TC 618
EINHELL Tile Cutting Machine TC-TC 618

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EINHELL Tile Cutting Machine TC-TC 618

The TC-TC 618 tile cutting machine is a compact and easy-to-transport helper for cutting indoor wall tiles and floor tiles exactly to size.
The large work table comes with a secure support for guiding standard tile sizes.
For clean miter cuts it can also be tilted and has an easy-to-read angle scale.
Simple jolly cuts, angle cuts and precise longitudinal cuts are all possible in next to no time thanks to the parallel stop and angle stop.
The robust frame is equipped with non-slip plastic feet for free-standing stability or – thanks to the mounting holes – can be easily fitted to a workbench.
Delivered complete with a diamond cutting wheel and tool.


1. Tilt. steel table with angle scale and double locking function
2. Water container provides a clean cold cut
3. Plastic feet for slide-free stand
4. Parallel guide stop prov. acc. straight cuts
5. Scale for adj. cutting width
6. Mitre stop supports exact 45° cuts
7. Sep. disc guard offers nec. safety
8. Cable winder for tidy storage
9. Fast. holes enable dur. fixing to work benches
10. Incl. diamond cutt. wheel
11. Incl. tool for cutt. wheel change

Technical Specification:

Model TC-TC 618
Idle speed 3000 /min
Max. cutting
height at 45°
22 mm
Max. cutting
height at 90°
35 mm
Swiveling range of cutting disc 45 °
IP code IP54
Mains supply 230 V | 50 Hz
Max. power
(S2 | S2time)
600 W | 10 min
Diamond cutting disc Ø180 x ø25.4 mm
Size of working table 330 x 360 mm
Product weight 9.37 kg
Gross weight
single packaging
10.05 kg


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