Polishing and Grinding Machine BT-PO 1100/1 E

Polishing and Grinding Machine: BT-PO 1100/1 E

Manufacturer: EINHELL

Polishing and Grinding Machine BT-PO 1100/1 E

For the ambitious do-it-yourselfer the Einhell angle polisher is the powerful, robust and handy expert polishing and grinding device.

It is ideal for polishing of varnished surfaces as well as grinding of wood, plastics and metal.

Thanks to its soft grip this device can be handled safely at any time, and operations as polishing of cars can be performed quickly and thoroughly.

For varnish care the large additional handle enables best control and precise results.

By the finely adjustable electronic speed control the speed of the polishing or grinding attachments can be optimally adapted to the surface being processed.

With the practical spindle lock the spindle can be blocked without tools.

Thus, the grinding disk on the polisher can be changed quickly and easily.

The grinding disk is equipped with a special micro velcro grip in order to fix the polishing and grinding attachments safely on the electric grinder and to prevent entering of dust between disk and grinding paper.

The polishing and grinding attachments can be still easily loosened and they can be changed quickly if requested.

The comprehensive polishing and grinding accessories consist of 1 foam attachment for e.g. car polishing, 2 synthetic polishing caps and grinding paper disks of 60, 80 and 120 granulation with 2 of each.

The polishing and grinding device is delivered in a practical stowage case of robust plastics.


1. Control speed electronics
2. Spindle lock
3. Quick and easy change of sanding paper on velcro disc
4. Plastic cas

metalworking machines, power tools

BrandBT-PO 1100/1 E
Power230 V x 1100 W
Idle speed1000 – 3500 min^-1
Diameter of sanding plate180 mm
Diameter of sadning disc180 mm