ARGES Polisher HDA-1703

Polisher HDA-1703

Manufacturer: ARGES

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ARGES Polisher HDA-1703

ARGES Polisher HDA-1703

Arges 180mm Variable Speed Polisher / Sander
Calling all Boat Builders, Car Painters, Panel Beaters and Fibre Glass workers. Why would you pay around double the price of this for a similar machine when this machine is up to the trade standard. Ideal for polishing existing surfaces or sanding surfaces ready for painting.
It features a comfortable back handle and a large over the top D handle for ease of use. This machine also features a spindle lock and a lock on switch for long periods of use. It also comes with a woolen polishing bonnet.
Takes 180mm Velcro backed sanding discs and 180 mm polishing bonnets.
Shipping Weight: 3.7kg
Power:1300 W
Disc diameter:150/180 mm
The number of idle:600-3,300/min
Dimensions:52x40x24 sm

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