DAEWOO Cordless Drill DALD108

Cordless Drill DALD108

Manufacturer: DAEWOO

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6 Month Warranty
DAEWOO Cordless Drill DALD108
DAEWOO Cordless Drill DALD108
DAEWOO Cordless Drill DALD108
DAEWOO Cordless Drill DALD108
DAEWOO Cordless Drill DALD108
DAEWOO Cordless Drill DALD108
DAEWOO Cordless Drill DALD108

DAEWOO Cordless Drill DALD108

12v cordless drill that comes with 2 batteries & 1 Charger.

A whole new family is now available with a cordless version, with lithium battery. Now, user´s work will be much easier because there is no need to be socket dependent.
With cordless products they can move quicker from one side to another, so works can be finished faster.
Also, with only one battery you can use different tools.

Tool kit: 2 speed with spindle lock.power display & LED light

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Technical Specification:

Power10.8 V
Battery1300 mAh Li-ion
No load speed0-400/0-1400 rpm
Max torque28 N.m
Clutch18+1 setting
Chuck10 mm
Charging time3hours
Switchforward & reverse
Spindle lockyes
Sound power level,
guaranteed (LWA)
82.5 dB
Package Dimensions595x205x210 mm/10pcs
Gross weight1.3 kg
Net weight1.2 kg



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