WINNING Plastic Welder NT-WJ25S

Plastic Welder NT-WJ25S

Manufacturer: WINNING

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6 Month Warranty
Winning Plastic Welder NT-WJ25S
Plastic Welder NT-WJ25S
Plastic Welder NT-WJ25S
Plastic Welder NT-WJ25S

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Plastic Welder NT-WJ25S

(Made in Japan)

NT-WJ25S is a Hot-Jet Welding machine as the standard model and with improvement of low noise by inventing Diaphragm Blower.


1. Design integration, downsizing and lightening is acheived by adapting current W-51-A model based on W-47-A model.
2. Better reliability due to deduction of blower’s energy consumption.
3. Air volume is increased to 20%.
4. Low noise owing to diaphragm blower.
5. Clean air can always be supplied as rotor vane is not used.
6. Auto stop function to avoid the damage on the blower.
7. Wide variation of usage such as welding thermal plastic, drying limited part, shrinking small diameter tube, and for the machine of P.P. rope.
8. Simple operation of welding.
9. Less damage on the blower by simplifying each part.

Preference temperature at certain scales:

Normal temperature : 20°C
Normal temperature : 20°C
Nozzle tip : 7mm
Measurement of Surface : 3-90°C, 5-160°C, 7-250°C
Temperatures : 9-310°C, 11-400°C

Accessories Included

1. K-1 gun
2. Air Hose 3m
3. Cloth bag


1. As every Main Page and Nozzle part of Welding Gun is heated with use, never touch these parts and keep off flammable objects. Make sure to put these parts on the particular stand with heat resistance after switching off the machine.
2. The length of air hose for must be within 5 meters.
3. The material of welding rod must be same as the base material, not with standing the different thickness. Otherwise, the welding is impossible to be worked.

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Technical Specification:

Source of Power220 Volts
Frequency50 Hz
Maximum Output750 Watts
Range of Temperature0 ~ 400°C
Wind Volume80L/min
Wind Pressure0.2 ~ 0.4 kg/cm²
Dimensions (L x W x H)260mm x 190mm x 210mm
Weight9 kg