DAZOR Magnifier Lamp 8MC-100

Magnifier Lamp: 8MC-100

Manufacturer: DAZOR

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Magnifier Lamp 8MC-100

Magnifier Lamp 8MC-100 (US Brand)

Dazor offers a full range of lighting and magnification aids.

The circline magnifier has a built-in handle that allows you to maneuver the lamp more easily.

Dazor is the only company that makes a three-tube magnifier .

The three-tube magnifier was designed to furnish incident lighting that emphasizes flaws.

imperfections, and other irregularities on the surface being inspected.

You buy an illuminated magnifier for three reasons.

No.1 – Magnifier lens.
Dazor use only clear, crown, optical glass lenses.
These lenses provide true colour rendition and optical accuracy. 

No.2 – The light.
Dazor fixtures are designed to produce maximum light from reliable components. 

No.3 – The arm.
Dazor’s ” floating arm” glides with the touch of a finger, and stays where you put.
There are no exposed springs to wear out, squeaks, or to distract from its sleek appearances.

Dazor combines all three components to produce clear vision, an appropriate light source, and stable, hands-free viewing.

8MC series is available in 3 diopters ( + 75% magnification ) & 5 diopters ( +125% ).
Another option is an 11 diopters ( +275% magnification ) lens system with Add-A-Lens.


1. De-emphasises irregular or uneven surfaces by uniformly illuminating uneven surfaces
2. Circular, 22-Watt lighting source that sheds even, shadow-free light
3. Can also utilise eye-friendly Full Spectrum bulb for correct colour viewing or a “black light” tube to make it the best available Woods Light
4. 3 diopter precision ground crown optical glass lens is standard
5. 5 diopter lenses available
6. 26″ or 42″ Contemporary floating arm that features counterbalancing springs and joints for instant adjustment to any convenient position or direction
7. Desk base, clamp that will accommodate a desk, table, or headboard up to 2 3/4″ thick, IV-Pivot that can be used with Dazor floor stands

other tools

Technical Specification:

Model Reach (mm) Base Weight
8MC-100 710 Desk 12.3kg
8MC-150 710 Clamp 6.8kg
8MC-200 1066.8 Clamp 6.8kg
8MC-300 1066.8 IV-Pivot 6.8kg