SIEG Mini Lathe Machine SC2-350

Mini Lathe Machine SC2-350

Manufacturer: SIEG

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Mini Lathe Machine SC2-350

Mini Lathe Machine SC2-350

With brushless Motor – resulting in maximum torque and quiet operation in all speed ranges

Engine lathe with new powerful brushless Motor

The combination of brushless DC motor, advanced electronic speed controller and direct belt drive from motor to spindle, provide far better torque over a wider speed range (even at low speeds) thus enabling the elimination of the gearbox and resulting in a quieter machine. In addition, fewer wear parts are engaged, which makes the machine generally low in maintenance.

As a result, a maximum of torque and power is transmitted to the workpiece, especially in the low speed ranges. This considerably facilitates parting and tapping. Also the processing of higher-strength materials, e.g. stainless steel or steel up to approx. 1000 N / mm2 tensile strength is possible without any problem.

The covered lead screw makes it possible to produce threads with gradients of 0.4 to 2.0 mm. The lead screw enables to select an automatic feed in the longitudinal direction, whereby an optimum work result can be achieved. The scale rings allow a precise reading accuracy of 0.02 mm.

Standard attachment:

1. 80mm 3 jaw chuck
2. Change gear set
3. MT2 center
4. Wrench set
5. Oil can

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Technical Specification:

Swing over bed (mm)180
Distance between centers (mm)350
Hole through spindle (mm)20
Spindle taperMT3
Tailstock taperMT2
Cross slide travel (mm)65
Compound travel (mm)55 (metric version)
Range of threads Metric version0.4 – 2mm (10 thread pitches)
Range of threads Imperial version12 – 52TPI (18 thread pitches)
Motor output (Watt)500 (brushless motor)
Spindle speed (rpm)100 – 2000 ±10%
Dimension (L × W × H) (mm)800 ×300 ×300
Net weight / Gross weight (kg)50 / 55

Demo Videos:

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SIEG company profile
SIEG company profile