Huanhu Hydraulic Pipe Bender HHW-3J

The bender is applicable for bending steel pipes up to 90 degree.
It features simple operation, long service life and smooth round bends.

Hydraulic Pipe Bender

Model: HHW-3J
Max pressure: 20T
Max. Stroke: 290mm
Crimp range: Φ 21.3-Φ 88.5mm
Bending dies supplied(in): 1/2″ 3/4″ 1″ 11/4″ 11/2″ 2″ 21/2″ 3″
Wall thickness of pipe: 2.75mm-5mm
G. W.: 117kg
Volume(cm): 94*40*21


CE Approved Hydraulic Pipe Tube Bender (HHW-2J/3J/4J)