HUAN HU Hydraulic Hole Puncher

HUAN HU Hydraulic Hole Puncher 
Fast ,easy and simple to operate 
Compact design for field use construction site and maintenance jobs
The kit is consist of hand pump, high pressure hose 0.8 meter and B set of punches and dies
Sturdy Plastic Carry Case Included 

1. Suitable for punching holes on electric switch boxes and metal sheets. Easy to change dies. Make clean punch and cause no damage to the surroundings.
2. Customized punch dies are available.
3. Please let us know the right dimensions if you want to order square and rectangle dies.

Capacity: 11 ton
Stroke: 22mm
Punching thickness: 3.2 mm for steel, 1.6 mm for stainless steel.
Punching range: 16-60 mm.
Standard punching dies supplied: Φ 22, Φ 27, Φ 34, Φ 43, Φ 49, Φ 60 mm
Gross Weight: 12.5 Kg
Volume: 450mm x 400mm x 160mm

-Φ 22 mm       -Φ 43 mm
-Φ 27 mm       -Φ 49 mm
-Φ 34 mm       -Φ 60 mm