EINHELL Wet-Dry Grinder TC-WD 200/150

  • Can be used for wet and dry grinding/sanding
  • 4 rubber feet for standing securely and with low vibrations
  • Robust and compact metal structure for a long service life
  • Adjustable spark guard window, with no need for any tools
  • Large adjustable work support for a wide range of applications
  • Large, corrosion-resistant water tank
  • Zero-play ball-bearing shaft for precise operation
  • Complete with coarse grinding/sanding wheel
  • Complete with slow-speed, fine-grained wet grinding/sanding wheel
  • Guard hoods which are closed at the sides for safe operation

Wet-Dry Grinder TC-WD 200/150

Manufacturer: EINHELL

Technical Data:

Mains supply220-240 V | 50 Hz
Max. power (S2 | S2time)250 W | 30 min
Idle speed of dry grinding wheel2980 min^-1
Idle speed of wet grinding wheel134 min^-1
Dry grinding wheel mount diameter12.7 mm
Dry grinding wheel150 mm x 32 mm
Grain size of dry grinding wheel36
Wet grinding wheel mount diameter12 mm
Wet grinding wheel200 mm x 20 mm
Grain size of wet grinding wheel200
Product weight9.1 kg