STARRETT Hole Saw 9/16″ 14MM VH0096

Hole Saw 9/16″ 14MM VH0096

Manufacturer: STARRETT


  • Provides a smooth cut, with minimal tendency to bite or snag on contact with irregular surfaces.
  •  Constructed of hardened steel and abrasion resisting High Speed Steel Teeth with a tough alloy body and cap
  •  5-1/2 teeth per inch/25mm make this saw ideal for thinner gauge material.
  •  Cutting depth of 41mm (1-5/8″)


Technical Data:

 Teeth per Inch (25mm): 5.5
 Diameter (mm): 14
 Diameter (in): 9/16
 Cutting Depth (mm): 41
 Cutting Depth (in): 1-5/8″
 Carton: Yes
 Color: Yellow
 Body Material: Steel
 Teeth Type: HSS
 Arbor Type: A1 or A4
 Thread Size: 1/2-20