TAIWAN Circular Sawing Machine CS-315

Circular Sawing Machine CS-315

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6 Month Warranty
Circular Sawing Machine CS-315
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Circular Sawing Machine CS-315
Powerful coolant pump

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Circular Sawing Machine CS-315

The CS-315 manual cold saw is a manually operated 315mm (12”) circular cold saw.

It’s well constructed cold saw which can 45 degrees left or right for cutting various shapes such as angle iron, solid bar, tubing or channel.

The rigid cast iron base can be mounted on the sheet metal stand. When the saw is cutting full capacity, the machine can stand still without vibration.

The vise has a taper lock adjustment for quick changes of different shape material. It provides strong clamping force which holds the workpiece tight to extend the blade life.

This cold saw requires 220 volts of power and single phase; it’s very convenient to get the power anywhere.

The CS-315 is a perfect machine for small machine shops, fabrication shops, automotive modification shops and home garage.

The CS-315 circular cold saw comes standard with build in coolant system in the base and plastic guarding. The 315mm (12”) is not included; the customers can either buy from us or buy the blade in the local market.


1. Powerful saw for cutting pipe, solid bar or tubing.
2. Aluminum-Bronze worm gear enhances the machine life.
3. Direct drive gearbox with high strength allows the blade cutting through workpiece chatter free and easily for maintenance.
4. The saw is with on a rigid one-piece cast iron base, which is mounted on a firm steel stand (CS-250 is optional).
5. The saw can miter 45 degrees both left and right.
6. Inverter drive (CS-350 only) with 24 to 120 rpm covering most of cutting applications.
7. Powerful coolant pump and high capacity tank providing sufficient coolant to cool the blades and wash away chips. This also increases blade durability.
8. The vise has taper locking design that helps the production efficiency during intensive cutting. The vise jaw provides strong clamping capability, which holds the material tight.
9. 220V, single phase available

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Technical Specification:

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