TYK BEITE Aluminium Cutter AC SERIES

Aluminium Cutter AC SERIES



•Wood block clamping.

• Specialized in cutting the PVC and aluminum profiles, used to make window and door frames.

• After remove the clamping, fixed the saw blade to ideal position to be used as a table saw for woodworking.

• Vice revolving to the right and left from 0° to 45°.

• The machine is available without the machine base.

• Carbide blade dia. 350-450mm is available as optional. The size can be designed asyou’re your requirement.

• Manual handle type or foot pedal type swivel base is available as optional to adjust on working direction from 0 to 90 degree.

• Motor guard.

• The aluminum cutting machine have three stand: fixed stand, pedal stand and manual handle brake stand. 

Technical Data:

Model NO. AC-350AC-400AC-450    
FrequencyHZ 50/6050/6050/60
Input PowerKW
Blade Dia.MM 350400450
Blade Shaft RevolutionsRPM 300030003000
Work surfaceMM416*462416*492456*542
Dimensions (CM)Body86 x 50 x5283 x 50 x 5289 x 54 x 58
Fixed Stand69 x 49 x 1469 x 52 x 1469 x 54 x 17
Pedal Stand47 x 49 x 5950 x 49 x 5955 x 53 x 61
Total WeightKG 120129136