Automatic Welding Shield 9-13

Automatic Welding Shield 9-13

Manufacturer: EINHELL

Automatic Welding Shield 9-13

This Freehand-Automatic-Welding-Shield works exclusively in solar mode (without batteries) and provides a darkening
within 0.00003 sec.
The grade of darkening can be adjusted by protection stage 9 to 13.
Sensitivity to darkening as well
as time lag to brightening are also adjustable.


1. Adjustable strut (hands-free screen)
2. Power supply with solar cell (1)
3. Adjustable sensibility (shade)
4. Adjustable protection stage (dark layer)
5. Adjustable delay time (brighten)
6. Exchangeable glass

Standard accessory:

1. Additional front glass

metalworking machines

Power supplySolar operation
Protection stage (bright/dark)4 / 9-13
Optical grade1
Light scatter grade2
Homogeneity grade3
Viewing window98 x 43 mm
Shade time1 / 30,000 s
Net weight0.5 kg
Gross weight1.0 kg
Packing dimensions335 x 225 x 225 mm