HERO 16″ Hacksaw Machine

16″ Hacksaw Machine

Manufacturer: HERO

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6 Month Warranty
HERO 16 inch Hacksaw Machine

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HERO 16″ Hacksaw Machine


1. This machine is designed for all kinds of Metal Material Cutting.
2. Swivel action vice 90° to 45° foreword and backward.
3. The blade can be maintained for longer life by using Coolant Fluid.
4. Having 2 speeds by changing The pooley belt.
5. This machine is precise, durable, sturdy and suitable for Workshops, Machine shops, all kind of factories and Training school.

Technical Specification:

Cutting capacity8½” x 8½”
Blade size16″ x 1″ x 050″
Stroke6¼ – 3½
Motor speed 140061 RPM – 81 RPM
Motor⅓ – ½ 220 V
Floor space36″ – 15″
Net weight125 kg
Coolant tank capacity2 Liter

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