COMEUP Utility Duty Winch DV-4500i

Utility Duty Winch DV-4500i

Manufacturer: COMEUP

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6 Month Warranty
Utility Duty Winch DV-4500i
Utility Duty Winch DV-4500i
Utility Duty Winch DV-4500i
Utility Duty Winch DV-4500i
Utility Duty Winch DV-4500i
Utility Duty Winch DV-4500i
Utility Duty Winch DV-4500i
Utility Duty Winch DV-3500i
Utility Duty Winch DV-4500i
Utility Duty Winch DV-4500i
Utility Duty Winch DV-3500i

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Utility Duty Winch DV-4500i


1. Light-duty winch lets you pull ATVs, UTVs, golf carts, and other small vehicles onto your trailer.
* Perfect for toy haulers, landscape trailers, and other small utility trailers

2. Integrated, 1-piece design reduces installation time.
* Winch fits easily into most custom cabinets or boxes
* Included hardware secures winch to trailer deck or mounting plate.

3. 1.6-hp, Permanent magnet motor is lighter and uses less current than series-wound motor
* Integrated circuit breaker automatically cuts power to winch if motor begins to overheat

4. (2) Solenoids transmit power from your battery to the winch motor

5. Automatic mechanical and dynamic brakes ensure reliable load holding
* Mechanical spring brake creates resistance on drum to stop rotation and hold the load
* Dynamic brake uses resistance from motor to stop drum rotation

6. All-steel, 3-stage planetary gear train
* Provides increased drum speed when compared with worm drives and 1- or 2-stage planetary gear trains

7. Hand-held remote with 10′ lead lets you control the winch from a safe distance
* Wireless remote control (sold separately) available

8. Free-spooling clutch ensures fast rope payout and reduces wear on the motor

9. 1/4″ Diameter wire rope is strong and abrasion resistant
* 50′ Long galvanized steel cable
* 1/2″ Forged steel clevis hook and nylon hand-saver strap included

10. Heavy-duty, compact roller fairlead
* 4 Steel rollers reduce friction and wear on the rope
* Clear anodized finish resists corrosion
* Stainless steel hardware secures fairlead directly to winch body

11. Durable black housing protects internal components from rain, dust, and debris

Standard Accessories

Wire rope w/safety hook
Remote control w/5 m (17’) cord
1.5 m (5′) 6 gauge battery lead
Roller fairlead
Circuit breakers
Handsaver strap

Optional Accessories

Snatch block
Winch accessory kit
Wireless remote control
Recovery damper

Technical Specification:

Model DV-4500i
Line pull 2401kg / 4500lb
Motor (permanent magnet) 1200W / 1.6HP (12V & 24V)
permanent magnet
Gear train 3 stage planetary
Gear ratio 170:1
Clutch (free spooling) Sliding ramping
Brake (outside tde drum) Automatic load-holding mechanical brake
Rope size 6.3mm × 15.2m  (1/4″ × 50″)
Rope type Galvanized aircraft A7 × 19
Drum size 54mm × 83mm (2.1″ × 3.3″)
Mounting bolts pattern 86mm × 93mm (3.4″ × 3.7″)
Winch weight (include rope) 14.2kg (31.2lb)
Gross weight 18.2kg (40lb)

Winch Line Pull Capacity

The line pull capacity of your winch is determined by the maximum load your winch can pull with a single layer of rope on the drum. As more layers of rope are wound onto the drum, pulling the same load requires more force, leading to a loss in winching power. With a 2nd layer of rope around the drum, your line pull capacity is reduced by approximately 14 percent. With 3 layers on the drum, the line pull capacity is reduced by approximately 23 percent, and with 4 layers on the drum it is reduced by approximately 35 percent.

Note: It is recommended that you begin any line pull with a minimum of 5 wraps and a maximum of 2 layers of rope on the drum.

Line Speed and Amp. Draw (1st layer of wire rope on the drum):
Line Pull, kg / lb Line Speed, mpm / fpm Amp. Draw, A
12V 24V
No Load 6.5 / 21.3 25 10
545 / 1,000 5 / 16.4 110 55
907 / 2,000 3.6 / 11.8 210 95
1,134 / 2,500 3.2 / 10.5 240 110
1,361 / 3,000 2.5 / 8.2 270 120
1,588 / 3,500 1.8 / 5.9 290 140
1,814 / 4,000 1.4 / 4.6 310 155
2,041 / 4,500 0.4 / 1.3 330 170

Line Pull and Rope Capacity:

Layer of RopePull by Layer,
kg / lb
Total Rope
on the Drum,
m / ft
1st2,041 / 4,5002.4 / 7.9
2nd1,688 / 3,7225.3 / 17.4
3rd1,440 / 3,1748.7 / 28.6
4th1,255 / 2,76612.6 / 41.4
5th1,112 / 2,45115.2 / 50


1. The winch is not intended to be used in any manner for the movement or lifting of personnel.
2. The pulling capacity shown is based on the wire rope first layer on the drum.
3. The rope winding on the drum shall remain 5 wraps from the drum.moving parts.

Dimension, mm/in:

Dimension, mm/in:
Utility Duty Winch DV-4500i

This light-duty winch lets you pull ATVs, UTVs, golf carts, and other small vehicles onto your trailer. The integrated design reduces installation time, and the compact size enables the winch to be mounted in most custom cabinets and boxes. The hard plastic external housing protects all the internal components from rain, rocks, and debris. The winch also includes dual brakes to ensure reliable load-holding, a 50′ wire rope with a fairlead that bolts directly to the winch body, and a circuit breaker that automatically cuts power to the winch if the motor begins to overheat.

Utility Duty Winch DV-4500i

Light-Duty, 1.6-Horsepower Motor

This winch features a 1.6-horsepower, 12-volt/24-volt DC motor with 4,500 lbs of line pull. The permanent magnet motor offers the same line-pulling power and speed as a series-wound motor of comparable size, but it’s lighter and uses less current.

Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breaker

There is an inline circuit breaker attached to the positive battery lead. It will interrupt the flow of power from the battery to the winch motor if the motor begins to overheat. When the internal elements of the circuit breaker have cooled it will automatically reset and you can use the winch again.

12-Volt Solenoids

12-Volt Solenoids

The winch includes dual 12-volt solenoids that transmit power from the vehicle’s battery to the winch motor. One solenoid powers the winch when you are paying out the rope, and the other powers the winch when you are winding the rope in. They are permanently mounted inside the hard plastic winch housing so they’re protected from rain, dust, and debris. The copper terminals and stainless steel and carbon steel hardware are also corrosion resistant.

Free-Spooling Clutch

Free-Spooling Clutch

The free-spool clutch enables you to pull out the rope by hand. This saves battery power, prevents the brake from wearing down prematurely, reduces wear on the motor, and is much faster than waiting for the drum to unroll the rope.

The free-spool clutch lever is mounted on the side of the gearbox housing. Flip it up to release the clutch for free-spooling, and flip it back down to reengage the clutch.

The clutch is driven by a 3-stage planetary gear train. This provides more speed than traditional worm gear drives or 1- or 2-stage planetary gear trains.

Automatic, Load-Holding Mechanical and Dynamic Brakes

This winch includes a mechanical brake and a dynamic brake. This dual braking system provides a physical brake inside the drum and supplemental braking force generated by the winch motor. The 2 brakes operate simultaneously to ensure more reliable load holding when compared with single-brake trailer winches.

The automatic mechanical brake securely holds a load and prevents unintentional payout (or creep). When the winch motor is stopped, a large spring coil inside the drum expands to press against the spring chamber. The pressure of the spring on the wall of the spring chamber creates resistance that prevents the drum from rotating. This spring contracts when the winch is in gear to allow the drum to rotate.

When the winch is pulling the rope in or paying it out, the motor is not applying resistance to the drum. When you stop powering the rope in or out, the dynamic brake uses resistance from the motor to help hold the load.

Hand-Held Remote

Hand-Held Remote

The hand-held remote has a 10′ lead and an in/out rocker switch so you can operate your winch from the back or side of your trailer. The rocker switch is sealed so it won’t get damaged in wet conditions.

Hand-Held Remote 2

There is a rubber-sealed, weatherproof attachment port for the remote control located on the front of the winch. Simply plug the durable plastic remote into the power unit when you need to use it, and disconnect it to store it away when you aren’t using it. Use the rubber cap to cover the port when it’s not in use.

There is also a wireless hand-held remote (sold separately) available that lets you operate the winch from up to 90′ away.

Wire Rope

Wire Rope

The wire rope is made of high-strength, aircraft-grade galvanized steel that resists abrasions and is able to withstand harsh UV rays, chemicals, and extreme temperatures.

The rope winds around a solid steel drum. The mounting flanges are strong enough to resist bending or breaking if the rope wrap becomes uneven and excess stress is put on the drum.

A hand-saver strap is included to use in conjunction with work gloves (sold separately) so that you can safely handle the rope and hook. A rock bag (BD500549 – sold separately) is also recommended. The rock bag helps prevent a broken rope from snapping back by forcing it to the ground.

hand-saver strap

The hook is made of high-strength forged steel that is heavy duty and rust resistant. It has a spring-loaded safety latch for quick fastening and removal. The hook is permanently attached to a steel thimble on the end of the wire rope.

Roller Fairlead

Roller Fairlead

The roller fairlead has a thick steel frame with 4 steel rollers. The rollers reduce friction when you’re pulling the rope in or paying it out, and they prevent the rope from becoming pinched when pulling at extreme angles. The rollers have a silver-zinc-plated finish that is tough and corrosion resistant. The fairlead installs with zinc-plated hardware.

Snatch Block

An important aid to successful winching is the use of snatch block, which can be used to increase the pulling power of a winch or change the direction of a pull.

A winch double lined with a snatch block creates a mechanical leverage cutting the effort required by nearly half.

The double line pull shows self recovery using a snatch block attached to an anchor point; the pull applied to the vehicle is almost twice as much as the line pull of the winch.

The use of one snatch block shows an indirect pull where the vehicle is limited due to unsuitable ground or obstruction. The pull on the load is the actual line pull of the winch.
If more than one snatch block is used, they must be located at least 100 cm (40″) apart.

Recovery Damper
Recovery Damper

Recovery Damper

A recovery damper is a safety device designed to help eliminated the possibility of injury or property damage in the event of a wire/synthetic rope failure. Place in the middle third of a live rope.

The damper can help absorb the energy in the rope and reduce the likelihood of injury or damage.

Utility Duty Winch DV-4500i


This versatile winch can be mounted to your trailer in several different ways. The simplest way to install the winch is to bolt it directly to your trailer deck. This does not require a mounting plate or welding, but it does leave a footprint on the deck.

You can install a mounting plate (sold separately) on the front rail of your trailer and bolt the winch to the plate. This elevates the winch so it’s easy to reach and frees up valuable space on your deck, but will require welding the mounting plate to the rail. You can also weld the mounting plate to the front bumper of the trailer to position the winch at deck level without infringing on valuable deck space.

The compact design allows the winch to easily fit into most custom cabinets or boxes. This keeps the winch out of the elements and keeps it hidden. Many cabinets and boxes can even be locked to protect the winch from would-be thieves. You can also install a dedicated battery inside or near the cabinet to power the winch. This prevents the winch from putting a strain on your vehicle’s battery, and it eliminates the need to run a power lead all the way to the front of your truck.

material handling equipment


1. Use the mounting hardware (M10 bolt, nut and washer) to mount the winch on a flat
surface (figure A).

2.The motor, drum and gear housing must be properly aligned (figure B).

Wiring Diagram

1. The battery lead specifications for 12V winch are 6 AWG X 1.5 m (5’) and 8 AWG X 1.5 m (5’) for 24V winch respectively.
2. Use a 5/16” bolt, nut and washer to attach the firmly to the bolts of solenoid respectively.
3. Attach the red lead, positive (+), tightly to the circuit breaker marked AUX, meanwhile, connect the copper plate to the other end of the circuit breaker marked BAT.
4. Connect the copper plate to the connector of the battery.

Nut fastening for motor & solenoid

Nut fastening for motor & solenoid

1. Holding the lower nut on the stub and fastening the upper nut clockwise.
2. The torque setting for motor nut M6 is 5.7 N-m / 50 lb-in and solenoid nut M8 is 14 N-m / 124 lb-in.

Winch Assembly

Part List:

Item No. Description Quantity
1 Rear cover 1
2 Remote socket kit 1
3 Motor kit, 12V 1
Motor kit, 24V
4 Brake kit 1
5 Gear box kit 1
6 Ring gear 1
7 1st stage carrier 1
8 2nd stage carrier 1
9 3rd stage carrier 1
10 Drum kit 1
11 Base plate kit 1
12 Clutch kit 1
13 Wire rope w/hook 1
Wire rope w/hook for PN:641504
14 Roller fairlead 1
15 Mounting hardware 1
16 Solenoid pack, 12V 1
Solenoid pack, 24V
17 Circuit breaker kit, 12V 1
Circuit breaker kit, 24V
18 Remote control 1
19 Handsaver strap 1
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ComeUp Vertical Factory and Headquarters:
Quality From Within

Started over four decades ago, ComeUp instituted the Flexible Manufacturing System in conjunction with Mori Seki Japan. This emphasized controls at each step in the manufacturing process to assure high quality of each product component.

The ComeUp approach to process and quality thinking and execution is evident in the new, multi-floor factory. This vertical factory design increases control, efficiency and lines of communication compared to the typical single floor sprawl. The result is employee exposure to all product process stages and an engagement in quality output.

This is especially important with critical components, such as motors. Unlike other brands, ComeUp designs and manufactures their motors in their own manufacturing facility. This makes for perfect integration with the gear train and the ComeUp patented Cone Brake Structure. And ComeUp makes 70% of their components in-house.

The Companies We Keep

ComeUp products are distributed in more than 60 countries on 5 continents. We provide standard products as well as products designed specifically for OEM applications. We provide OEM products to companies such as Toyo Koken KK Japan, Furakawa Co Ltd Japan, Planeta Hebetechnik Gmbh in Germany and Miller Industries – U.S.A. Plus offroaders around the world rely on our standard recovery winch products to get back home.

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Process and Safety Certified By Third Parties

ComeUp has TÜV Nord ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality management. ComeUp also has the CE marking for product safety requirements. Many products meet the IP68 International Protection marking protected from immersion in water with depth of more than 1 meter; ATV/UTV winches have EEC Directive 97/24/EC Chapter 8 from RDW-Netherlands and hydraulic winches are compliant with SAE J706 per TÜV Rhineland.

TÜV Nord ISO 9001 2015