NITCHI Manual Chain Hoist HE-50A Series


Manual Chain Hoist: HE-50A Series

Manufacturer: NITCHI

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6 Month Warranty

Manual Chain Hoist: HE-50A

Affordable chain hoist based on the H-50A heavy-duty chain hoist.

H-50A Series are chain hoists for touch heavy-duty industrial use, and HE-50A series are highly economical, lightweight and compact chain hoists that are ideal for general use.

Tough load chains offer dependable performance for a safe work environment.

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HE-50A Series

Technical Specification:

MODEL HE5005A HE5010A HE5015A HE5020A  
Rated load 0.5ton 1ton 1.6ton 2ton  
Standard lift 2.5m 3m
Pulling effort 245N 265N 324N 392N  
Min. headroom 260 300 345 380  
Net weight 8 10.5 15 21  
Test load 0.75 1.5 2.4 3.0  


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Hoist and vertical winch safety


If you need a hoist that pulls at an angle, please contact us to custom make a specially designed hoist

Pulling at an angle with a vertical hoist will potentially cause problems.