NITCHI Electric Chain Hoist EC4 Series

Economy, affordable and easy maintainance

Electric Chain Hoist: EC4 Series

Manufacturer: NITCHI

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6 Month Warranty
Electric Chain Hoist EC4 Series
NITCHI EC4 Diagram

Electric Chain Hoist: EC4 Series

Ultra-Tough Load Chains

The NITCHI case hardened load chains are made from special alloy steel, and are given super-tough carbonized hard surfaces that resist erosion several times longer than conventional through hardened load chains.

The soft core section gives the load chain the elasticity which is essential for material lifting equipment.

Every link of load chain is tested, and a record of each chain production lot is kept on record at our factory.

First Stage Helical Gearing

The precision helical gears in the first stage of the reduction gear system largely reduce gear tooth impact and the operating vibrations, and is one of the main factors for the quiet long dependable life of the EC4 Series.

Forged Steel Hooks

The top and bottom hooks on all capacities are made of drop-forged steel that is heat-treated for greater strength.
Every bottom hook is equipped with a thrust bearing for smooth rotating to all directions and has a latch as standard equipment.

Durable Brake

The solenoid brake system responds instantly and will safely support the load during power failures. This brake system has proven to be extremely long wearing and will keep servicing costs down.

Electro-Magnetic Controlled

Models EC4 are electoro-magnetic controlled with 24-volt, and will protect the operator from harmful electrical shocks.

Short Head Room

The ingeniously designed compact construction permits the highest possible lift where the last inch of lift must be obtained – compare the difference with equivalent models.

Remarkable Durability

The EC4 Series is designed and made to Grade M4 of Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) 88815-1994 Electric Chain Holst.

Easy Servicing

The robust steel design gives easy access to all of the major mechanical and electrical components, which simplies inspection, maintenance and the replacement of components.

Moisture and Dust Protection

The IP54 protection of the hoist bodies and the IP64 protection of the push button switch are more than adequate for most applications that demand for moisture and dust protection.

Over Lifting and Over lowering limit switch

The over lifting and over lowering limit switch system is one of the most important safety devices on an electric chain hoist, which cannot be substituted with micro switches that rely on the over load protection device. The EC4 Series are equipped with what we believe is the most efficient and reliable limit switch system available for electric chain hoists, which functions completely independent of the overload protection.

A. Buffer Springs located on both ends of the load chain absorb the initial shock and allow the limit switch to function before the hoist is under substantial force.

B. Limit Lever is the mechanical actuator, which positively activates the limit switch system when the hoist is over-lifted or over-lowered.

C. Limlt Switch instantly stops the hoist when over lifting or over lowering.

Technical Specification:

Item No. Rated
Lifting speed (m/min) Rating
% ED Load chain Head
50Hz 60Hz Dia.
of falls
Hoist and vertical winch safety


If you need a hoist that pulls at an angle, please contact us to custom make a specially designed hoist

Pulling at an angle with a vertical hoist will potentially cause problems.

Demo Video:

Electric Chain Hoist EC4 Series lift demo
Electric Chain Hoist EC4 Series install demo
Electric Chain Hoist EC4 Series outdoor demo

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