Comeup Heavy Duty Winch CWG-34000

  • Electromagnetic spring-applied failsafe brake
  • Heavy duty high efficiency ball bearing on all running surfaces
  • Planetary gears for maximum mechanical efficiency
  • Cast steel foot mountings
  • Fabricated steel drum
  • Supplied on steel base plate ready to mount
  • Rated capacity limiter limits driving power of the motor to prevent overloading of the winch
  • Quiet running
  • Low voltage control ass’y comes as standard
  • Emergency stop function switch is available upon request

Standard Accessories
  • Wire rope 22.4 mm x 200 m with safety-latch hook
  • Low voltage control ass’y LV-360
    • Remote control, CPB-161
      • Switch cord 1.25 mm2 x 3C x 3m
      • Pendant switch CPB-161
  • Low voltage control, LV-360
  • Base Plate

Optional Accessories
  • Low voltage control ass’y LV-360
  • Remote control, PB-306
  • Switch cord 1.25 mm2 x 3C x 3m
  • Pendant switch PB-306 w/an emergency stop button
  • Low voltage control, LV-360
material handling equipment

Technical Specification

Above performance ratings are based on 50Hz supply. (60Hz motor available as option resulting in a reduction of lifting capacities by 20% and a speed increase of 20%

Lifting Capacity, Lifting Speed and Rope Capacity:

Note:.Above performance ratings are based on 50Hz supply. 

Pulling Load Capacity for Various Inclines in kg

1. All rating are based on the top layer. For each layer reduction on the drum pulling capacity is increased by 10%
2. Use a snatch block for double line operation, to increase line pull by approximately 85%
3. The pulling capacities are based on a pulling load and 15% has been allowed for friction (specific applications will vary)

The winch is not intended to be used in any manner for the movement or lifting of personnel. 
The rated lifting capacity shown is based on the top rope layer on the drum 
The rope winding on the drum shall remain 5 wraps from the drum

Dimension, mm/in: