COMEUP Cable Puller H-2500

Cable Puller H-2500

Manufacturer: COMEUP

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6 Month Warranty
COME UP Cable Puller H-2500
COME UP Cable Puller H-2500
COME UP Cable Puller H-2500 c
COME UP Cable Puller H-2500
COME UP Cable Puller H-2500

COME UP Cable Puller H-2500


1. Dual pulling capacities of 2,500 kg and 1,500 kg.
2. Dual speed vary according to drum size.
3. A overload protection switch ensure automatic shut-off.
4. Electromagnetic spring-applied failsafe brake.
5. Heavy duty high efficiency ball bearings on all running surfaces.
6. Rugged high power induction motor of proven reliability.
7. Case hardened gear train for maximum mechanical efficiency.
8. Suitable for continuous pulling to tackle the toughest wall, ground and underground pulling applications.

Standard Accessories:

1. Rope arm
2. Base plate
3. Wire rope 8mm × 50 m
4. Detachable rope storage roller
5. Foot control with 2.0 mm2 × 3C × 2m lead
6. Power lead coming with 1.5 mm2 × 3C × 3m


1. A minimum of five(5) wraps of rope around the drum are necessary to support the rated load.
2. Do not use a cable puller as a lifting device or a hoist for vertical lifting.

Technical Specification:

Drum typeLarge drumSmall drum
Pulling capacity kg1,5002,500
Rope speed
50 Hz4.02.5
60 Hz5.03.0
Gear trainhypoid gear plus spur gears
Gear ratio154 : 1
Motor rating IP44 w600 w
drum diameter11074
flange diameter16694
Cable puller weight, kg60
Gross weight, kg83
Body dimension, mm (L x D x H)457 X 362 X 267
Box dimension, mm (L x D x H)610 X 720 X 500


Above performance ratings are based on 50Hz supply. (60Hz motor available as option resulting in a reduction of lifting capacities by 20% and a speed increase of 20%


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ComeUp Vertical Factory and Headquarters:
Quality From Within

Started over four decades ago, ComeUp instituted the Flexible Manufacturing System in conjunction with Mori Seki Japan. This emphasized controls at each step in the manufacturing process to assure high quality of each product component.

The ComeUp approach to process and quality thinking and execution is evident in the new, multi-floor factory. This vertical factory design increases control, efficiency and lines of communication compared to the typical single floor sprawl. The result is employee exposure to all product process stages and an engagement in quality output.

This is especially important with critical components, such as motors. Unlike other brands, ComeUp designs and manufactures their motors in their own manufacturing facility. This makes for perfect integration with the gear train and the ComeUp patented Cone Brake Structure. And ComeUp makes 70% of their components in-house.

The Companies We Keep

ComeUp products are distributed in more than 60 countries on 5 continents. We provide standard products as well as products designed specifically for OEM applications. We provide OEM products to companies such as Toyo Koken KK Japan, Furakawa Co Ltd Japan, Planeta Hebetechnik Gmbh in Germany and Miller Industries – U.S.A. Plus offroaders around the world rely on our standard recovery winch products to get back home.

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Process and Safety Certified By Third Parties

ComeUp has TÜV Nord ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality management. ComeUp also has the CE marking for product safety requirements. Many products meet the IP68 International Protection marking protected from immersion in water with depth of more than 1 meter; ATV/UTV winches have EEC Directive 97/24/EC Chapter 8 from RDW-Netherlands and hydraulic winches are compliant with SAE J706 per TÜV Rhineland.

TÜV Nord ISO 9001 2015