ATTONIC Push-Pull Tester AP Series

Push-Pull Tester AP Series

Manufacturer: ATTONIC


-For load tests of electronic parts, car parts, polymers, plastics,
-Electric cords, rubber, etc.
-This load tester provides you with quick and accurate data for more efficient quality control and assembly.
*The example of test use
  – Operation power test of a switch
  – Strength test of solder
  – Opening and closing power test of a door
  – Destructive test op plastic etc

Technical Data:

ModelGreates measured valueMinimum scale valueAccuracyStrokeWeight
AP-11 kg / 10N5 g /0.5N±0.5% of full-scale10mmAbout 650g
AP-22 kg /20N10 g /0.1N
AP-33 kg /30N10 g /0.1N
AP-55 kg /50N20 g /0.2N
AP-1010 kg /100N50 g /0.5N
AP-2020 kg /200N100 g /1N
AP-3030 kg /300N100 g /1N
AP-5050 kg /500N200 g /2N