TIME Portable Hardness Tester TIME5100

Portable Hardness Tester TIME5100

Manufacturer: TIME

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6 Month Warranty
Portable Hardness Tester TIME5100
Pen Type Hardness Tester TIME®5100
Pen Type Hardness Tester TIME®5100
Pen Type Hardness Tester TIME®5100
Portable Hardness Tester TIME5100

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Portable Hardness Tester TIME5100

Technical Specification:

Measuring accuracy± 6HLD of reading at LD=800
Repeatability± 10HLD
Min. sample weight11 lb (5kg)
(if coupled)0.22 lb (100g)
Min. sample thickness (coupled)0.2 in(5mm)
Min. radius of curved surface2in/50mm (w support ring 0.4in/10mm)
Min. thickness of hardened surface0.8mm
Max. surface roughness Ra1.6μm
Max. sample hardness900HLD
Hardness measurement valueHRC, HRB, HV, HB, HS and HLD
Upper / lower limit
Automatic calculationAverage test value
Automatic delete abnormal testing value
Onboard memoryTotal 270 data in 9 groups
Impact directionAny direction
Tungsten carbide test tip
Operating voltage2×1.5V AAA battery
Operating temperature0ºC-40ºC
Auto shut-off

Measuring Range:

Steel and cast steel300-90081-65420.0-68.438.4-99.881-95532.5-99.5
C.W. tool steel300-84020.4-67.180-898
Stainless steel300-80085-65546.5-101.785-802
Grey cast steel360-66093-334
Nodular cast iron360-660131-387
Cast aluminum174-56019-16423.8-84.6
Copper zinc alloy (brass)200-55040-17313.5-95.3
Copper tin alloy (bronze)300-70060-290

Standard accessories

Calibration certificate
Main unit with impact device D
Communication cable and driver CD
Standard test block
Large support ring
Small support ring
Cleaning brush
2×1.5V AAA batteries
Instruction manual
Carrying case

Optional accessories

12 support rings