Hydraulic Busbar Puncher HHM-80

Hydraulic Busbar Puncher HHM-80

Manufacturer: TLP HUANHU

HUANHU Hydraulic Busbar Puncher HHM-80

1. Suitable for punching holes on “L” and “H” shape iron plates, copper & aluminium busbars.

2. Flat pedestal to provide steadiness in operation.

3. Punch dies made of high carbon tungsten steel and not easy to wear off.

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Technical Specification:

Tonnage (T)3550
Bending formers (in)Ø3/8″ (11.1),
Ø1/2″ (14.3),
Ø5/8″ (17.5),
Ø3/4″ (20.6)
Ø5/8″ (16),
Ø3/4″ (18),
Ø7/8″ (22),
Ø1″ (25)
thickness (mm)
iron sheet814
copper busbar1216
Throat th (mm)110115
Weight (kg)37.552
Volume (mm)330x220x390370x225x400

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Our factory has advanced manual power tools production line and a group of experienced technicians, in recent years we have extensively solicit opinions from our customers and made fruitful technical renovations. Our products have reached the leading level in the tool industry.

Our main products include Hydraulic pipe benders, Cylinders & Track jacks, Hole punches, Busbar processing tools, Crimping tools, Cutting tools, Pumps, etc. In general terms, we provide twelve months guarantee for the hardware parts of our products, and 3 months for the wearing parts. We take “ Quality First, Customer Utmost” as our principle and strive for customers’ satisfaction with our fine work in every detail.