TOSO Hand Winch-Type JHW

Manual drum-type JHW winch

Manufacturer:- TOSO

Detailed Description
* The gear box is designed with close structure to avoid the foreign body entering into gear box or braking mechanism in operation, and affect normal operation. With more safe in use.

* To adopt double friction discs, new braking pawl and change over ratchet mechanism ensuring the stability of braking and saving efforts when using the handle. The winch is applied in the special condition as the friction disc is made of the raw material of environment protection.

* The connection of handle is fitted with change over ratchet. During the operation, according the working need, the winch may be turned circle by transforming the pawl and also operate the handle back and forth in any position and angle of the circle. To let turning operation change to levering operation. The winch is more advantage in the narrow space.

* The handle is adopted freely structure and may free adjust the length of handle to safe the effort when necessary.

* The large drum may contain more cable, which is more suitable for pulling, dragging, lifting and lowering the goods in the long distance.

Manual drum-type JHW winch

Manual drum-type JHW winch is a powerful, multipurpose winch for industrial applications. Advantages: high reliability and performance, drum rope capacity – 40 m, Carrying capacity up to 3 tons, operates both in handle rotation mode and in oscillation mode, equipped with frictional braking mechanism (hoisting and lowering), the reduction gear is fully covered with protective housing, high-quality materials, excellent workmanship, originally equipped with a 40 m long rope. Recommended for use in industrial facilities with middle and high intensity of operation.