LES CT Electric winch

Key Features:
● Adopt urgent stop switch and reinforced breaking switch with position limit. With thermal prevention device.
● Light weight & compact design allow mounting convenient.
● When rope touches the limit arm, stop automatically.
● Induction motor stops when the rope is reverse wound.
● Dynamic brake designs for both static and dynamic loading.
● It operates on household power source.
● Plug-in cords allow portability with easy.
● 360° universal joint saddle hook with safety latch.

Electric Winch LES CT

Manufacturer: LE EASY


ModelCapacityPowerPhaseLiftWire ropeSpeedMotor
LES-CT-190190kg200-240 V130 meter5mm19M/min1.3 kW
LES-CT-240240kg200-240 V130 meter5mm19M/min1.5 kW
LES-CT-300300kg200-240 V130 meter5mm19M/min1.5kW