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Lever Hoist RB5 Series

Lever Hoist: RB5 Series

Manufacturer: NITCHI

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6 Month Warranty
Lever Hoist RB5

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Lever Hoist: RB5

Capable of accommodating vertical, horizontal, and even diagonal load hoisting, the RB5 Series promises high work efficiency at transportation, construction, and civil engineering sites where speed, flexibility, and safety are the crucial elements.

Overload protection unit
Equipped with a built-in overload protection unit, the RB5F boasts significantly advanced safety compared to its predecessor model. This unit can also be incorporated into a standard RB5 model simply by changing parts.
This series is compact and lightweight for improved operability.
Auto lock mechanism
Renowned for its reliability, the auto lock mechanism automatically activates the brake as soon as the load is engaged for improved convenience and safety.
Improved maintenance ease
The upper hook can be easily replaced simply by removing the gear case.

Nitchi RB5 Lever Hoist Dimension

  1. Brake: To ensure work safety, the brake is equipped with a dual-pawl mechanism, which allows a broken pawl to be automatically backed up by another for uninterrupted brake operation.
  2. Overload Protection (Optional equipment): The overload protection unit ensures operation safety by automatically making the handle slip when the rated load is exceeded.
  3. Load Chain Guide: Made of forged metal for enhanced strength, the load chain guide is optimally shaped to facilitate smooth chain flow.
  4. Single-handed free-wheeling: When load-free, the hoist can be set to a free-chaining mode simply by setting the selector lever to a neutral position.
  5. Handle: Incorporating our years of technological knowhow, this ergonomic handle gives easy grip for user-friendly operation.
  6. Load Chain Our original load chain wit:h market-proven reliability is specially coated for improved rust prevention. It is ideal for tying up loads on trucks, and for use at construction sites and other outdoor venues.
  7. Hook: Made through advanced thermal processing of proprietary materials, our hooks are extremely strong and wear-resistant. Even when subjected to excessive loads including rigid ones, they are designed to open only slowly to ensure work safety.
Model RB50050 RB50080 RB50160 RB50320 RB50630
Rated load 0.5ton 0.8ton 1.6ton 3.2ton 6.3ton
Lift 1m 1.5m
Load chain 4mm (dia)
1 fills
5.6mm (dia)
1 fills
7.1mm (dia)
1 fills
9mm (dia)
1 fills
9mm (dia)
2 fills
Head room G 280mm 290mm 330mm 430mm 580mm
Lever length 275 235 370
Pulling efforts 416N 260N 305N 385N 390N
Net weight 3.5kg 5.5kg 9.6kg 16.3kg 30.5kg

Nitchi RB5 Lever Hoist Dimension

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