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EMT-MH-5 Series

Electric Chain Hoist: EMT-MH-5 Series

Manufacturer: NITCHI

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6 Month Warranty
Electric Chain Hoist: EMT-MH-5 Series
Motorized trolley type electric chain hoist (3-phase 200V)

Designed to offer high quality and superb safety features, the MH-5 Series can be used with various optional items, including an overload protection unit, a radio unit, and an inverter.

  • An electric chain hoist combined with an electric trolley.
  • The superb features of the MH-5 coupled with the high mobility of an electric trolley expand the range of applications for enhanced work efficiency.

Main application
  • Crane operations
  • Plant operations
  • Construction sites
load (t)
lift (m)
HoistingRated time
Speed (m/min)Motor output (kW)

* Single suspension
^ Double suspension

Model Rated load (t) Load chain Traversing Rated time (min)
Diameter No. of falls Speed (m/min) Motor output (kW)
50Hz 60Hz 50Hz
MHE5005 0.5 7.1 1 20 10*** 24 12*** 0.2 30
MHE5010 1
MHE5020 2 11.2 0.4
MHE5030 3
MHE5050 5 2 10 12
MHE5075 7.5 3 0.75
MHE5100S 10* 4
MHE5100W 10^
MHE5150 15 6 0.75×2
MHE5200 20 8
* Single suspension
^ Double suspension
*** Half speeds

  1. Mechanical Brake: A mechanical brake is provided in all Nitchi-Matic models. Used in combination with a solenoid brake, it ensures safe and thorough braking operation.
  2. Solenoid Brake: Nitchi’s original direct-current solenoid brake is highly robust, effective, and durable.
  3. Motor: Designed exclusively for use in electric chain hoists, this high-performance, high-torque motor can withstand frequent use over a long period of time.
  4. Load Sheave and Chain Guide: Manufactured through high-precision machining and advanced heat treatment, the load sheave and chain guide together ensure smooth winding of load chains, thus contributing to their extended service life.
  5. Over-Winding Protector: Equipped with a limit switch, the over-winding protector automatically shuts down the control circuit when the lifting or lowering operation has reached its limits.
  6. Load Chain: Produced through an integrated manufacturing system under strict quality control, Nitchi’s super-strong and wear-resistant load chains made from special alloy steel achieve a high level of work safety. For work environments requiring highly corrosion-resistant chains, use of NN chains is recommended.
  7. Negative Phase Protector: When three-phase power cables are connected in a negative phase, the control circuit is automatically shut off and lifting and lowering are disabled to protect the hoist from damage.
    Note: A negative phase refers to a situation in which two three-phase power cables in an electric chain hoist are reversely connected, thus causing the motor to rotate in the opposite direction.
  8. 24V Low-Voltage Control Circuit: The control circuit is designed to run on low voltage to ensure work safety.
  9. Oil Bath Lubrication System: By providing increased gear-cooling effect, this system allows a hoist to withstand frequent operation over a long period of time.
  10. Bottom Hook: A built-in thrust bearing ensures smooth rotation of the hook.
  11. Push-Button Switch: A small, lightweight, and highly insulated rainproof push-button switch is used. Two-speed models employ a dual-stage push switch.
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