DALI Manual Pipe Cleaner D-6DH

D-6 Toilet Augers

– ldeal for quick and safe removal of obstructions in the toilet.
– Specially desinged to traverse tough traps
– Vinyl guard protects damage to toilets

Cat. NO.

Model NO

                  Diameter × length


    kg           Ib



6′ Toilet Auger w/Drop Head

  3.0         7.2


(1) Large,ergonomically designed handles  

(2) New durable,kink-resistant,1/2″ compression-wrapped inner core cable

(3) High quality tools in 3′ and 6′ lengths provide fast and safe cleaning of toilet obstructions.

(4) Available in either drop head or bulb head models.

(5)Three-tier composite cable Anti-Kinking