DA LI Power Type Pipe Cleaner GQ-75

Power Type Pipe Cleaner GQ-75

Manufacturer: DALI

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6 Month Warranty
Power Type Pipe Cleaner GQ-75
Power Type Pipe Cleaner GQ-75 a
TypeSpec.DescriptionWeight (kg)
GQ-75Main machine12.3
RH1-1Ø430 × 120Including: a Ø15mm soft shaft, 7 × Ø16mm soft shafts, a Ø430 soft shaft holder0.6
FH1-1Accessory barrel, 8 Ø16mm drills, an Ø8mm soft shaft combination, key5.1
F-5-aProtection gloves

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Power Type Pipe Cleaner GQ-75

Applicable for all kinds of indoor pipes of Ø20-100mm.

Lightweight, strong, convenient, flexible in operation, soft shafts of Ø8mm, Ø15mm and Ø16mm can be used.

Soft shafts of Ø8mm are used to clean pipes of Ø20-75mm in diameter, with a cleaning length of 4.6 meters, especially applicable to complex pipes of small diameters like traps.

Soft shafts of Ø15mm are used to clean small complex pipes.

Using sectional helical flexible shafts of Ø16mm, pipes of Ø32-100mm in diameter can be cleaned, the soft shafts can be lengthened at will.

Press the clutch, the rotating speed is up to 400 rpm, and the soft shaft stops when the handle is released.

Rated Power: 250w.

Rated voltage: 220V, 110V optional, frequency of 50Hz, 60Hz options.

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