DALI Pneumatic Pipe Cleaner GQ-4




-Die-casting aluminum hand

-Choose pressure by status of pipeline.Max:0~0.4~0.7Mpa

-Convenient and effective inflation by Unique piston design

-The plug can be used by obverse and reverse

Here’s a compact, light weight tool for quickly opening clogged sinks, toilets and tubs. It handles rust, grease, sediment, and scale in lines up through 4″ in diameter.

Basic Equipment

Catalog No. Type. Description Weight(kg)
2.4011 GQ-4 Main machine 3.36



-The air pump can stand a pressure of 0.7 Mpa, with a sudden strong piercing pressure, can effectively remove blockages by solving wastes in pipes.

-Easy and safe in operation. Inflate the pump with enough gas for the seriousness of the blockage, usually less than 0.7Mpa; press the seal piston on the pipe opening and release quickly, the sudden air pressure will remove the blockages in the pipe.

-The rubber adaptor can be used in both directions, for openings of different diameters and shapes.

-Using air release extension pipes will accommodate complex working environment.