EINHELL Cordless Blower TE-CB 18/180 Li – Solo

  • Member of the Power X-Change family
  • 2-step speed adjustment for versatile use
  • Air flow up to 180 kph for best work results
  • Versatile: Building site – workshop – garden
  • Comfortable operation thanks to the softgrip
  • Including 3 inflation adapters for many different applications

Cordless Blower TE-CB 18/180 Li – Solo

Manufacturer: EINHELL

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EINHELL Cordless Blower Set TE-CB 18/180 Li – Solo

Product description

The Einhell TE-CB 18/180 Li – Solo cordless blower turns on the turbo for cleaning work. Complete with three blowing adapters, it is a versatile tool for use on the building site and in the workshed. For flexible use the Einhell cordless blower is powered by a rechargeable battery. That makes power cables and searching for a plug socket a thing of the past. The blower is a member of the service-proven Power X-Change series. The rechargeable batteries for the tools and garden equipment from the Einhell system series provide unlimited flexibility because they are completely interchangeable. Clear up dust and dirt from the building site, remove chips in the workshed or blow-clean drill holes: With a speed up to 180 kilometers per hour and an idling speed up to 15,500 rpm, the cordless blower has immense energy and power. It also has 2 speed settings for adjusting it to each specific application. The cordless blower is pleasant to hold thanks to the soft grip.

Technical data

Blow velocity step 1 130 km/h
Blow velocity step 2 180 km/h
No-load speed (gear 1) 11500 min^-1
No-load speed (gear 2) 15500 min^-1
Supply charger 450 W x 240 V
Voltage output charger21 V
Charging time1/2h
Voltage 18 V
Battery capacity1.5 Ah
Weight 2 kg