Clarified Water Pump RG-SP 300

Clarified Water Pump RG-SP 300

Manufacturer: EINHELL

Clarified Water Pump RG-SP 300

The ideal submersible pump for clearing tanks and containers, etc.

Universally controlled ON/OFF switching height and operation differential via continuously adjustable float switch. 

The float switch can also be fixed during continuous operation.


1. Carrying handle with integrated cable reel
2. Continuously adjustable float switch
3. Housing made of impact resistant, high quality plastics
4. Removal of impurities up to 5 mm in size
5. Universal connection G 1 ½ (ca. 47.8 mm) male thread

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ModelRG-SP 300
Voltage230 V ~ 50 Hz
Power300 W
Delivery capacity max.7,000 l/h
Delivery height max.6 m
Immersion depth max.5 m
Hose connectionG 1 ½ (ca. 47.8 mm) female thread
Water temperature max.35 °C
Mains cable length10 m
Foreign particles size max.Ø 5 mm