TELWIN Battery Charger T-Charge 26 Boost

Battery Charger: T-Charge 26 Boost

Manufacturer: Telwin

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Battery Charger T-Charge 26 Boost

Battery Charger T-Charge 26 Boost

Intelligent battery charger and maintainer with electronic control of the charging current, and automatic interruption and restart (PULSE-TRONIC). 

Normal charge (CHARGE), automatic charge (PULSE-TRONIC) and rapid charge (BOOST), of all maintenance free, sealed batteries (GEL/AGM/START-STOP), and free electrolyte batteries (WET) with 12V voltage of motorcycles, cars, vans, tractors and boats.

The CHARGE mode is advisable when the type of battery to be charged is unknown, the PULSE-TRONIC (GEL/AGM or WET) mode allows the automatic control of the battery status. 


– 3 charge current levels
– warning led for charging status, end of charge, thermostatic interruption due to short circuit of output cables or polarity reversal
– Supplied with three different charging cables.


Technical Specification:

ModelT-Charge 26 Boost
Single phase mains voltage230 V
Mains frequency50 / 60 Hz
Charging absorbed power220 W
Charging voltage12 V
Effective charging current16 A
Rated charge current16 A
Min. Rated reference capacity10 Ah
Max rated reference capacity250 Ah
Adjustment positions3
Dimensions30 – 9.5 – 5.5 cm
Weight1.4 kg
Pulse Tronic
Pulse Tronic 2



PulseTronic, which is made in Telwin, is our answer for charging/maintaining traction batteries used in Automotive applications, no matter whether for motorcycles, cars, lorries, heavy machines, etc.

This sophisticated technology, which can be used to charge all types of 6/12/24V battery, and more specifically WET, GEL, AGM, MF, SPIRAL, START/STOP batteries, is a reference for all of Telwin’s professional products.

Its capacity to diagnose battery conditions moment by moment, together with specific interventions aimed at restoring optimal operativity, are the two essential elements on which Pulse Tronic technology is based.

Constant control of the charging process on the one hand prevents possible battery overcharging and overheating, and on the other hand returns the battery to optimal condition; the result is a perfectly charged battery with a longer life.

When batteries are not used for long periods they tend to discharge naturally, so charge maintenance is just as important as the charging process.

Pulse Tronic 3

PulseTronic technology uses intelligent monitoring and special wave forms (impulses) to maintain the optimal charge without generating overheating or making modifications that damage the chemical structure of the battery, even over extended periods (e.g. vehicle maintenance during periods of non-use).PulseTronic technology also pays special attention to safety by creating and defining the correct conditions to fully protect the on-board electronics of the vehicle while charging/maintaining the battery and without being disconnected from the vehicle.

The multiple advantages of this technology are evident even when charging several batteries together in serial or parallel.

From a practical viewpoint, battery maintenance, namely charging and optimal charge maintenance, occurs over 8 separate phases, specific for every constructive type of battery, with each phase being characterised by a special functionality and wave form.


Pulse Tronic-1

Control of battery conditions and check of correct voltage set on display.


Pulse Tronic-2

Detection and recovery of sulphated or low batteries; pulses allow the removal of sulphate from the lead plates at its early stage. The battery’s positive response to the pulses allows to continue with the charging process.


Pulse Tronic-3

Analysis of the battery status. The charging current is lower than the one set.


Pulse Tronic-4

Recharge with the set current or with the maximum current up to 80% of the battery capacity.


Pulse Tronic-5

Recharge with decreasing current up to 100% of the battery capacity.


Pulse Tronic-6

Check run if the battery holds the charge.


Pulse Tronic-7

Maintenance of the charge at constant voltage.


Recovery of optimal charge by pulses avoiding the natural self-discharging

PULSE-TRONIC technology therefore offers the following advantages:

1. it can be applied to all types of battery;
2. it gives complete control over the charge current;
3. it protects the electronic components on-board vehicles without having to disconnect the battery from the vehicle during charging;
4. it guarantees less battery overheating during the charge phase;
5. it guarantees longer useful life to batteries.

Serial connection
Parallel connection

Demo video:

How to charge multiple batteries in series:

How to charge multiple batteries in parallel:

TELWIN Chargers & Starters

CodeChargeStartMains Voltage
V 50/60 Hz
Ah 15h
(L,W,H) mm
Defender 8807553230 1ph156-120.750.752-2050 x 80 x 300.2
T-Charge 12 Evo807578230 1ph556-121 (6V)
4 (12V)
1 (6V)
4 (12V)
2-70170 x65 x 350.6
T-Charge 26 Boost807562boost230 1ph22012161610-250300 x 95 x 551.4
Nevatronic 24807045230 1ph11012-246 (12V)
4.5 (24 V)
4 (12V)
3 (24 V)
40-55 (12V)
30-45 (24V)
95 x 190 x 1802.6
Autotronic 25 Boost807540boost230 1ph30012-2418 (12V)
12 (24 V)
12 (12V)
8 (24 V)
30-225 (12V)
20-180 (24V)
225 x 290 x 2057.2
Nevada 6807021230 1ph351231.414-3095 x 190 x 1801.6
Nevada 11807023230 1ph506-1242.525-4095 x 190 x 1801.7
Nevada 12807024230 1ph80126440-7095 x 190 x 1801.8
Nevada 15807026230 1ph11012-249 (12V)
4.5 (24 V)
6 (12V)
3 (24 V)
60-115 (12V)
30-40 (24V)
95 x 190 x 1802.6
Nevaboost 100807028boost230 1ph1701295.555-18095 x 190 x 1802.6
Alpine 20 Boost807546boost230 1ph300/-12-2418 (12V)
12 (24 V)
12 (12V)
8 (24 V)
30-225 (12V)
20-180 (24V)
225 x 290 x 2057.1
Alpine 30 Boost807547boost230 1ph800/-12-24302015-400225 x 290 x 2058.6
Alpine 50 Boost807548boost230 1ph1000/-12-24453020-500265 x 345 x 2309.9
Computer 48/2 Prof807063230 1ph300/-6-12-24-36-4811-30-30-30-277-20-20-20-1810/300-300-300-300-300225 x 290 x 2057.1
Alaska 200 Start807577230 1ph300/2.212-2423 (12V)
12 (24 V)
15 (12V)
8 (24 V)
100/15025-300 (12V)
30-160 (24V)
245 x 195 x 1307.6
Digitrony 230 Start807575230 1ph800/3.612-24302018030-400225 x 290 x 2059.1
Startronic 530829034230 1ph1500/9.56-12-24754040010-600390 x 260 x 23019.5
Digistart 340829327230 1ph1000/6.412-24453030010-450305 x 360 x 63013.8
Dynamic 320 Start829381230 1ph1000/6.412-24453030020-700305 x 360 x 63013.9
Dynamic 520 Start829383230 1ph1600/1012-24755040020-1000365 x 460 x 75521
Dynamic 620 Start829384230 1ph2000/1012-24907057020-1550365 x 460 x 75525
Energy 1000 Start829008230-400 3ph2500/2012-2410080100020-1200 (12V)
20-800 (24V)
380 x 560 x 88545
Energy 1500 Start809009230-400 3ph7000/4412-24150 (12V)
250 (24 V)
130 (12V)
220 (24 V)
1700 (12V)
2000 (24V)
70-2000 (12V)
70-4000 (24V)
380 x 560 x 88569
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CE Declaration of Conformity

The publication of the standard EN 5044522008 (product family standard to demonstrate compliance of equipment for resistance welding, arc welding and allied processes with the basic restrictions related to human exposure to electromagnetic fields) under the Low Voltage Directive LVD 2014/35/EU — published on the Official Gazette of the European Community, requires that each product, in order to be CE certified, has to satisfy the technical standards of the above described norm.

This means that today the CE marking requires a further certification. Telwin certifies that all its products are in compliance with the new CE marking as reported in the EMF Conformity Certificates.




For over 50 years TELWIN has been a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of welding machines, cutting systems and battery chargers and starters. Telwin is present on all 5 continents, on over 120 markets with a range of products that, for variety and richness, has no equal on any market; products tailored to all production fields, from the automotive to industry, from the building sector to shipyards, from all professional divisions to DIY.

Telwin means state-of-the-art, innovative and technologically advanced solutions, aimed at improving productivity, optimising intervention times, minimising operative costs and always guaranteeing excellent performance under any operative condition.

The ultra-modern company premises not by chance called the “The Home of Welding”, with its area of 120 thousand square metres – is the nerve centre of a system that employs over 250 collaborators making up a well tuned, winning team. Modern productive plants, robotic lines, specialised development and testing laboratories, automated stores, training and demo areas dovetail to make up an international industrial pole of sheer excellence in the sector.

The company strategy revolves around innovation, advanced research and sustainable improvement: essential pillars of its worldwide leadership, acknowledged by the many clients that, still to date, express their loyalty. Ever since the beginning, TELWIN has managed to promote a very special relationship with its clients, proving itself as a steadfast partner on whom to always rely, able to guarantee through time an excellent service, qualified assistance, quick and exhaustive response, and an information and training support able to facilitate the work of those that have elected to rely on the Telwin trademark.

And all this is dictated by the rules of quality: quality of the company system with its ISO9001 certification; product quality guaranteed by many international certifying bodies; quality of behaviour ensured by ethical principles shared throughout the company.

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