EINHELL Battery Charger BT-BC 4 D

Battery Charger BT-BC 4 D

Manufacturer: EINHELL

Battery Charger BT-BC 4 D

This microprocessor-controlled automatic battery charger is especially suitable for charging maintenance-free batteries as well as for maintenance charging and trickle charging of batteries which are not constantly in use.

Due to the integrated micro-processor, charging is done in three phases.

Phase 1 charges the battery up to about 85 % with an almost constant current.
Phase 2 charges up to 95% with constant voltage.
Phase 3 maintains the battery voltage at a constant level (IUoU curve) so that the battery is always fully charged.

An integrated diagnostic system shows faults and connection problems on the LED display.

The charging process is monitored and displayed.


1. Microprocessor-controlled automatic charger
2. Diagnostic system
3. LED display (battery status, trickle charging, unit on, charging, and errors)
4. Push button for setting charging current
5. Charging leads with sturdy terminal clamps
6. Power switches
7. Electronic overload, voltage reversal and short-circuit protection.

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ModelBT-BC 4 D
Battery voltage12 V
Operating voltage230 V / AC
Recommended battery capacity at 12 V max.60 Ah
Recommended battery capacity at 12 V min.2.3 Ah
Weight0.75 kg
Charging current at 12 V4 A
Charging current at 6 V1 A