Battery Charger BT-BC 30

Battery Charger BT-BC 30

Manufacturer: EINHELL

Battery Charger BT-BC 30

Powerful and mobile workshop charger for 6 V / 12 V / 24 V charging voltage and jump start feature. Ideal for workshops and farmers. 

Charging capacity can be regulated with 6 settings. The jump start feature (100A/5s) can be activated with a remote cable (3 metre) by pressing a rocker switch. 

The large gauge show the current charging rate and the charging voltage. 

The insulated pole clamps warrant a perfect connection to battery poles. The unit is equipped with twice reverse voltage protection and overload protection. 

The housing is made of scratch-resistant, powder coated sheet steel housing with a carrying handle.


1. Construction protection class I
2. Sheet steel housing
3. Carrying handle
4. Charging voltage switch
5. Charging rate switch
6. Voltmeter and ammeter
7. Remote cable (3 m) with button
8. Overload- and reverse voltage protection
9. Mains cable with mit safety plug
10. Charging cable with isulated pole clamps

Model BT-BC 30 (1078100)
Art.-No. 10.781.00
Main voltage 230V | 50Hz
Charging voltage 6 / 12 / 24V
Suitable for batteries 3 – 400Ah
Boots engine output 100A for 5 sec
Charging current (DC) 0.7 – 21A (6V) 1 – 20A (12V) 1.8 – 14A (24V)