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Battery Charger BT-BC 12 D-SE


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Battery Charger BT-BC 12 D-SE

Manufacturer: EINHELL

Battery Charger BT-BC 12 D-SE

The BT-BC 12 D-SE is a automatic battery charger controlled by a mirco-processor. This means, its especially to charge maintenance-free batteries as well as for long time charging and for charge maintenance from batteries which are not permanently in use, such as boats, lawn mowers and whatnot. 

Due to the integrated mirco-processor the charging curve has 3 steps. 

Step one charges the battery with nearly constant current up to approx. 85%, step two with constant voltage up to approx. 95%. Step three keeps the battery voltage constant (IUoU-charging characterisic) and so is the battery always fully loaded. 

Therefore is the tool also for lead acid batteries and gel batteries optimally proper. A integrated fault diagnose system advise at the LED-display onto battery fault and connection problem. 

The charging will be controlled electronically and accordant indicated. The charging current can attuned to 2 / 6 / 12 ampere. 

This battery charger has also a 12 V d.c. output socket which provides working power up to 140 Watts for 12 V d.c. operated appliance.


1. Charging automatic by a controlled micro-processor
2. Fault diagnose system
3. LED-display for current, voltage, battery full, battery charging, fault
4. Switch for charging current adjustment (2 / 6 / 12 ampere)
5. Switch for On / off
6. Switch for 12 Volt d.c. output on / off with LEDindicator
7. Switch for ongoing battery voltage
8. Charging leads with sturdy pole clamps
9. Error report on a triple-digit LED-display
10. Cigarette lighter jack for 12 Volt d.c. output
11. Electronic overlaod-, voltage reversal- and short circuit protection
12. Power line with european plug

Model BT-BC 12 D-SE (1002200)
Art.-No. 10.022.00
Main supply 220 – 240V | 50Hz
Rated input current 1.66A
Rated output voltage 12V DC
Rated output current 2 / 6 / 12A
Battery capacity 6 – 20Ah (2A) 40 – 60Ah (6A) 40 – 120Ah (23A)
Net weight 1.25kg
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