EINHELL Straight Grinder DSL 250/2


Straight Grinder: DSL 250/2

Manufacturer: EINHELL


Straight Grinder DSL 250/2

The DSL 250/2 air rod grinder is an efficient helper which thanks to its numerous accessories can be used immediately on many different jobs in the home, garage and workshop.

Its indestructible aluminium die-cast housing and high-quality components add up to a long service life.

A 10-piece grinding pin set is provided so that you can begin work immediately on many different materials and shapes.

The vibration-absorbing, non-slip handle of the DSL 250/2 enables comfortable, ergonomic operation, while a safety trigger lever prevents the rod grinder being started unintentionally.

A transport and storage case provides tidy storage for the DSL 250/2, the accessories and an oil bottle for tool maintenance and care.

Complete with a nipple for connecting to the quick-lock coupling of a compressed air hose, two sleeves (Ø 3, 6 mm) and the matching chuck keys.


1. Max. operating pressure : 6.3 bar
2. Air consumption : 128.3 L/min
3. Idle speed : 22000 min^-1
4. Vibration-absorbing, non-slip handle
5. Sturdy housing made of die-cast aluminium
6. Nipple for the air connection
7. Transport and storage case
8. Safety trigger lever
9. 10-piece grinding pin set
10. 2 sleeves (Ø 3, 6 mm)
11. 2 chuck keys
12. 1 oil bottle

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