FAICOM Automatic Hose Reel MD203812

Automatic Hose Reel MD203812

Manufacturer: FAICOM (Italy)

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6 Month Warranty
Automatic Hose Reel MD203812
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Automatic Hose Reel MD203812

Galvanized & painted structure

The automatic hose reels of the range MD are suitable to distribute air for professional use.

The hose reels rewind automatically the hose by a spring located in the drum.

The hose can be stopped at the desired length. The hot-galvanized steel structure is moulded and coated with electrostatic polyester powder resistant to UV rays.

The parts in contact with the fluid are specially treated to improve resistance to corrosion.

The incorporated revolving bracket permits the orientation of the hose reels in order to follow hose direction.

The hose reels are supplied complete with the distribution polyurethane hose reinforced with a textile braid and available in two different diameters.

Optional: flexible hose for the connection to the system.

Technical Specification:

Fluid1050 NL/min
Air FlowAir
Max. pressure20 Bar/280 PSI
Inlet Bsp3/8” F
Outlet Bsp1/4” M
Hose diameterPU 8 x 12
Hose length12 m/40 ft
Weight9 kg
Inlet hose0161

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TORINO RENATO is a leading manufacturer of professional equipments for the distribution of fluids such as compressed air, water, oil, diesel fuel, grease.

The products have always been sold under the trademark FAICOM Italy and can be used in several fields: industry, automotive, agriculture, petroleum and chemical industry and wherever the transfer of fluids is requested.

Thanks to the continuous research for innovative solutions and to the attention to the customers’ requirements, the range FAICOM Italyconstantly evolves and expands.

Today, the products of TORINO RENATO, well-known and established all over the world for their quality, are sold through a network of importers and distributors in all continents.

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